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Mainstream Libertarians

How to get active in the libertarian movement


The Republican Liberty Caucus is the primary organization in the Nation for Mainstream libertarians. Founded in Tallahassee, Florida in 1990, the RLC represents the growing libertarian wing of the GOP. Over the years the RLC has helped to elect over 30 libertarians to State Legislatures and even 5 to 6 to the US Congress under the GOP banner. The RLC also engages in outreach at GOP conventions with booths and hospitality suites. The group is organized in nearly 30 states nationwide, with its strongest chapters currently in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York and California.

Another prominent organization that promotes Mainstream libertarian values is Americans for Limited Government, based in Illinois, which backs nationwide petition drives for Property Rights, Spending Limits and Tax Reform.

The Libertarian Reform Caucus works within the Libertarian Party to move it towards a more Mainstream direction, and away from some of its extremist-leaning positions. LRCers now hold top level positions in the LP leadership.

Other Mainstream libertarian political groups include the Club for Growth which assists with PAC money for Pro-Free Enterprise Republican candidates for Congress, and Fiscal Conservative Republicans.  Other Mainstream libertarian groups include the Cato Institute in Washington, DC, Americans for Tax Reform, and Reason Magazine based in Los Angeles. 


Attend local meetings of political, community and business organizations and pass out libertarian literature or talk up libertarian positions on issues. These groups could include the local Republican Party, Chamber of Commerce, Business Networking clubs, Optimists, Toastmasters, VFW and American Legion.

Attend local city council meetings and speak on behalf of libertarian positions on issues. Meet with your Congressman and/or State Representatives to promote lower taxes, less spending and ending victimless crime laws.

Set up a libertarian information table with material from libertarian groups like the RLC, Cato Institute or Americans for Tax Reform, at events, County Fairs, or even at the local Wal-mart.

Join on-line political discussion groups and promote libertarian view on the issues of the day.


Want to be an instant Elected/Appointed Public Official?

by Earle Smith, Florida RLC

“I am on the Flagler County Soil & Water Board effective Jan. 1. I have talked to the District Supervisor and he said we have one incumbert, two new elected members and two vacant positions. The vacancies will be filled in February.”

Smith just walked into his County Supervisor of Elections office and asked if there were any local appointments to be had.  The Supervisor thought of the Soil & Water Board.  Smith called up the only other member, filled out some paperwork, and he was instantly appointed.   

Another office that’s easy to get appointed to is the Selective Service Board.  That’s right the local Draft Board.  It’s a 20-year Federal appointment.  The Board meets once a year for training.  Simply go to and sign up. 

Talk about Liberty every day with your Customers

by Paul Tiger, Colorado RLC

I am hoping that most of us will dig our heels into this. That is talking politics in everyday life. I’ve been doing it for years and with a hint of caffeine I am a walking talking Libertarian outreach machine. I used to be a LP conversion bot, but I more or less left the party. Or more like the party left me. Libertarianism isn’t necessarily a conversation about politics, but it can be a lead in to politics or the reverse could be true: whereas the discussion of politics can be a lead in to Libertarian idealism. So it is just easy to do.

I’m a technogeek and most geeks are Libertarians. Real geeks tend to want to do things for themselves, and they almost certainly don’t want government to do anything for them that they could do for themselves. So I’ve got a retail business that caters to tech types and I engage people everyday, all day long, in the conversation about how they’d rather do things for themselves that they in fact are paying the government to do for them. I have lots of fun and make money at the same time. My customers are happy with their purchases and services and keep hanging out in the chairs that I have around the counter near the register. They come back for more. I make money and we keep talking politics.

Every so often I get advised that if I keep doing this that I will lose customers and waste time on non-sales. That argument doesn’t wash and my business is growing, and so are the number of Libertarian converts in my area.