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This week:

Islamo-Fascism, problems in

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political news

Archived Shows from last few weeks:

Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine, 

NH State Rep. Al Baldasaro,  

Congressman Peter Hoekstra (MI),

Ward Connerly on Racial Quotas,

Robert Bast of CA Smoker's Club,

Newly-elected Libertarians,

John Edwards for Prez controversy,

Vox Day of World Net Daily &

John Basso, Owner of Arizona's famously

Un-PC Restaurant: the Heart Attack Grill,

Mary Graber of American Spectator on

Islamic girls being kept down


To come: Rudy Giuliani for President,

& VT. Prof. Marc McCardell

on drinking age laws 


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Newly appointed Chairman of the

US Civil Rights Comm. Leon Drolet

was a guest on the program,

Tuesday, June 19










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Lower Taxes!

Federal income tax rate reductions, as well as cutting back on all state and local taxes. Making federal income tax rate reductions permanent. Scaling back of capital gains taxes, and an immediate end to estate taxes.

Stop the Over Spending

Balanced Federal Budget through spending cuts, not increased taxes. Broad cuts in rates of spending increases for all federal, state and local governmental programs. Reform of Medicare, Social Security and other entitlement programs through greater reliance on private alternatives.

Growing the American Economy

Getting the Government off the backs of small business, and corporations by scaling back OSHA, the EPA and other restrictive Federal Agencies. Right to Work legislation that protects workers and spurs economic growth. Workers' comp. reform that protects small businesses against huge lawsuits and endless litigation.

Pro Independence Energy Policy

More self-reliance. Lower gas prices through increased refining capacity and allowance for drilling for oil in Alaska and Coastlines.

Property Rights

Absolute opposition to Eminent Domain laws when used by local governments to transfer lands from one private entity to another.

Choice in Education

School vouchers and tuition tax credits. Greater emphasis on private and home schooling as an alternative to failing public schools. Opposition to affirmative action laws, and minority preferences.

Individual Liberties

An end to petty laws that harass Americans such as restrictions on free speech, bans on religious expression, unreasonable regulations of sexual lifestyles for consenting adults, clogging up our court systems with low level marijuana cases, smoking bans in restaurants/bars, and ticketing law-abiding safe drivers for not wearing seat belts. Also, no federal mandates for speed limits or drinking age laws. Repeal gambling restrictions such as internet gaming ban.

Gun Rights & Supporting Sportsmen

Full rights and protections to keep and bear arms. Protecting rights of hunters and anglers. Lessening of licensing fees. More access for off-road recreational vehicles and other sports enthusiasts on public lands.

Strong Defense

Defending our borders, and maintaining a strong and well-equipped Military to protect our nation from any terrorist or foreign state. Using the Military to fight terrorists overseas, when necessary, rather than here at home. Support for the All-Volunteer Armed Forces.


A foreign policy of diplomacy, cooperation and free trade to promote democratic ideals and freedoms around the world. Assisting with the liberation of repressed peoples from the tyranny of fascist and socialist dictators.

Balanced Immigration Policy & Protecting our Borders

Protecting our Borders from Illegal Immigration through beefed up enforcement, more Border Patrol and fencing. Allowing for a Guest Worker Program for Mexicans who wish to work temporarily in the U.S., with a criminal background check. Citizenship only for those who learn English. Strict measures to stop terrorists from entering the U.S.




Rudy turning GOP "more libertarian" says WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is predicting that Rudy Giuliani will cause a major fundamental change in the Republican Party.  In "Giuliani Support hints at shift," 7/5/7, reporter June Kronholz reports:   

Don't look for the party to make a sudden leap to the middle, or to turn its back on its religious and social conservatives. But Mr. Giuliani's lead in the polls -- and in the latest round of fund raising, according to new reports Tuesday -- may hint at the declining clout of those voters and their issues within the Republican party, and perhaps a shift back toward a more libertarian emphasis.

If so, Mr. Giuliani's candidacy could be helping to redefine the Republican party, just as Ronald Reagan's did in 1980, when pundits initially dismissed Mr. Reagan as too conservative for his party's mainstream.

Fox News Poll finds Americans "most comfortable" with Giuliani as President

7/4/7, Fox News is reporting that:

More voters say they would be comfortable with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as president than other top 2008 contenders...

Giuliani puts the largest number of voters at ease: two-thirds of voters (65 percent) say they would be at least somewhat "comfortable" with Giuliani as president, 58 percent McCain, 56 percent Edwards, 53 percent Clinton, 48 percent Obama and 21 percent Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney. Still, only 8 percent express complete comfort in a Giuliani presidency... Among Republicans, 83 would be comfortable with Giuliani in the White House, 75 percent McCain and 30 percent Romney.

Giuliani raises $18 million: Ron Paul at $1.5 million

Second quarter reports have just been released for fundraising.  The reports show a huge divide between the two GOP contenders most identified as "libertarians."  Rudy Giuliani raised a cool $18 million leading the entire GOP pack.  His closest rival was Mitt Romney with $15 million. 

Early estimates of Ron Paul's 2nd qurter fundraising were clearly off-mark. Reports Capitol Hill Blue:

After three months of unmitigated and unabashed hype surrounding the bottom-tier campaign of Presidential wannabe Ron Paul, reality is about to set in.

Carefully controlled campaign leaks had claimed the campaign was raking in massive donations after the initial round of Republican candidate debates. Estimates by the Paul propagandists claimed second quarter fundraising would reach $5 million But the propaganda posse has tempered its rhetoric and new estimates say the campaign will report second quarter fundraising of, maybe, $1.5 million, a figure that will keep the John Bircher from Texas firmly mired at the bottom of a long list of Presidential improbables.

Mainstreamer takes over Libertarian Party of Alabama

Stephen Gordon, former Political Director of the National Libertarian Party has just been elected Chairman for the Alabama LP.  Reports the Montgomery Advertiser:

The new head of the Libertarian Party of Alabama knows he has a tough job ahead...he plans to mold the party into a professional and competitive adversary.

Dondero in Wall Street Journal Publisher Eric Dondero was quoted in the WSJ on 6/1:

Eric Dondero, a former aide to Mr. Paul... plans to campaign against Mr. Paul for being "soft on Islamo-fascists who want to destroy our civil liberties."

Dondero was also quoted recently in articles by ABC News,, Human Events, Dallas Morning News and Galveston County Daily News.  





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Republicans lose key battle to challenge Seattle's liberal Democrat dominance recently reported on the successful petition drive for I-24 headed by libertarian Republicans in Seattle, which would bring fairer elections to King County.  Now word comes of a dissapointing loss on another related front.  The Seattle Weekly reports:

Last winter, King County Republican Party Chairman Michael Young vowed to inject a strong shot of conservatism into the arm of lefty Seattle and its surrounding environs, telling the Seattle P-I that he was planning to field Republican candidates for all City Council seats and Democratic County Council strongholds in November... But last month's filing deadline came and went... And the City Council races have only one conservative challenger

Jim Nobles was one of (GOP Chair Mike) Young's hopefuls who ultimately bowed out. Nobles—a former Seattle Monorail Board member and self-proclaimed fiscal conservative, social libertarian, and environmental progressive—signed up in April to run for the City Council seat now held by Peter Steinbrueck, but dropped out a little more than a month later.

Libertarians fight for out-of-state petitioners' rights

Libertarian and conservative activists are filing a federal lawsuit against a recent Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling.  The ruling states that out-of-state petitioners cannot circulate in the State.  Meanwhile, South Dakota and Montana have recently passed laws outlawing out-of-state petitioners.  From the AP, 6/23/7: 

The suit was filed on behalf of Yes on Term Limits Inc., which wants to circulate an initiative petition to limit terms of the attorney general, lieutenant governor, auditor and inspector, insurance commissioner, treasurer, school superintendent and labor commissioner.

Michael Salem, attorney for the group, said the suit argues the prohibition against using nonresident petition circulators is a violation of free speech.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit also include Robert Murphy, an Oklahoman and vice president of Yes on Term Limits Inc., and professional petition circulators Sherri Ferrell of Florida and Eric Dondero of Texas.

Rush Limbaugh quotes libertarian activist Paul Jacob on his show

6/25/7 -- Rush Limbaugh quoted longtime libertarian Paul Jacob on his show yesterday.  Here's the quote:

RUSH: I mentioned this column earlier in the program and I told you I was going to look for the author -- his name is Paul Jacob.  He is a Senior Advisor of the Sam Adams Alliance.

This has nothing to do with the beer, for those of you in Rio Linda.  Sam Adams Alliance is a think tank.  It's entitled "The Two Americas."  He says, "Could Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards actually be right about something? Not where to go to get a haircut, mind you, I mean about there being two Americas.  There is the vibrant America ... and the stagnant one.  

"There is the America of ever-increasing wealth, innovation, creativity, of a dynamic economy, new jobs, new products and services. Choices galore. Information overload. The abundant work product of freedom.  And there is the politician's America: The regulated America, the subsidized America, the earmarked America. The failing America.  In one America it is what you produce that gets you ahead. In the other it's who you know.  In one America, to earmark some money means setting aside funds (into savings) for a purchase -- a car, house, college.  In the other America, to earmark is to grab from taxpayers to give to cronies. It is the highest rite of career politicians: buying their votes with other people's money. Oh, there have been reforms, sure. But a recent bill in the House contained 32,000 earmark requests.  In one America, we decide what we pay for. We choose constantly about little things and big. We call the shots. Or we walk down the street and associate with someone else. So we have some faith in those we work with.  In the other America we vote. But we rarely get what we vote for."

Site published by Eric Dondero of Houston, Texas at  832-896-9505



Gov. Crist cuts Property Taxes in Florida

Basking in the glow of 70% approval ratings, libertarian-leaning Centrist Governor Charlie Crist passed through the Legislature a bill to significantly provide for tax relief for Floriday Property Owners.  From the NY Times

6/14/7 -- Addressing rising anger about the cost of owning a home in Florida — and the recent troubles of the state’s real estate industry — the Legislature on Thursday approved a plan for a property tax cut it said would be the largest in state history.

The plan was championed by Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican who has vowed to make taxes “drop like a rock,” and Marco Rubio, the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, who has made property-tax relief the main goal of his first year in power.

The cost of the package was initially estimated to be $31.6 billion over five years, but a last-minute change pushed by Republicans in the Senate may have blunted the savings by as much as $7 billion.

The tax reduction is a two-part plan. The first piece would require cities and counties to roll back rates this fall and impose a cap on future spending that local government bodies could override only with a supermajority.

The second, more contentious piece of the plan is a proposed constitutional amendment for a “supersized” homestead exemption. It would shield from taxes 75 percent of the first $200,000 in assessed property value, and 15 percent of the next $300,000.

Property Rights Activist to run for US Senate in Idaho

Rex Rammell, famed Elk ranch owner who fought the Feds on hunting rights last year, is planning a US Senate Campaign for 2008.  Rammell, a local folk hero to many Idahoans, will run in the GOP primary for the Larry Craig seat.  Reports the New West:

From newspaper accounts and candidate questionnaires from his former races, it’s clear that Rammell is a state’s-rights libertarian style Republican from the old school. He strongly supports home schooling and doesn’t like the teacher’s union, for example; and he clearly rebels against what he sees as government interference.

Libertarian Party gains membership from Active Duty Military

Small Government Times is reporting that the Libertarian Party has experienced a 14% growth in paid membership since December of last year.  Further, SGT reports that a significant portion of those joining the LP list their employer as "US Military".  From the SGT:

So far this year, the LP has attracted fourteen times the expected national average of active duty service members. The LP's soldiers, sailors and airmen range in rank from junior enlisted personnel to Vice Admiral (Ret.) Michael Colley, who now serves on the Libertarian National Committee.

Based on required Federal Elections Commission reporting data, seven percent of new LP members have reported their employer as a branch of the Armed Forces.

Proposed Smoking Ban brings out "libertarian streak" in Nevada City Mayor 

A new elected "libertarian" has been discovered in Nevada.  From the Nevada County Union, 6/27/7:

The ban Nevada City could soon support has its roots in California's smoking ban in public buildings which passed in 1994. Since then, smoke-free initiatives have multiplied significantly, including most states, numerous countries, outdoor sports stadiums and city parks.

Nevada recently banned smoking at all public buildings except bars and gaming facilities, and England's ban on smoking in public buildings starts July 1.

It's unlikely the smoking prohibition would get unanimous approval at that June 27 meeting with Mayor Steve Cottrell saying his libertarian streak puts him squarely against the measure. But he also said the focus of the prohibition is "admirable."



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